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Our Mission.

The mission of Anbang Capital Group of companies is to formulate and implement monetary assistance to the needy and regulatory policies to safeguard the value of our financial investments and to ensure the soundness and development of the financial projects by being a strong and efficient organization with highly motivated and professional mandates working for the benefit of the people oriented business upgrades and improvements.
This is done through our economic success and competitive international presence, we create value for our shareholders, our clients, our employees and society at large while up holding stringent environmental and social norms to support a sustainable business future, applying high standards of ethics and integrity, we strive to be a reliable partner to our stakeholders at all times, we intend to continuously improve our environmental performance, we seek to use resources efficiently and to utilize the most environmentally friendly technologies.
We value the diversity of our customers and also support their talents and offer an attractive work environment that provides for the best possible work-life balance, we believe that our responsibility extends beyond our core business, therefore, we invest in the societies in which we operate and thus in our own future, we build social capital by enabling talent, promoting equal opportunities and driving social change, in keeping with our corporate culture, our employees actively support a vast number of community projects around the world, this is how we combine our performance culture with a culture of responsibility.

Group Audit Committee.

The Group Audit Committee meets regularly with Anbang Capital Group’s senior financial, credit and risk, internal audit, legal and compliance management and the external auditor to consider Anbang Capital Group’s financial reporting, the nature and scope of audit reviews and the effectiveness of the systems of internal control, compliance and risk management.

Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for leading the process for Board appointments and for identifying and nominating, for approval by the Board, candidates for appointment to the Board, before recommending an appointment to the Board, the Committee evaluates the balance of skills, knowledge and experience on the Board, in light of this, identifies the role and capabilities required for a particular appointment. Candidates are considered on merit against these criteria. Care is taken to ensure that appointees have enough time to devote to Anbang Capital Group. Prospective Directors are asked to identify any significant other commitments and confirm they have sufficient time to discharge what is expected of them. In accordance with the Articles of Association all Directors are subject to election by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) following their appointments by the Board and to re-election at least every three years.

Remuneration Committee.

The Remuneration Committee meets regularly to consider human resource issues relating to terms and conditions of employment, remuneration and retirement benefits. Within the authority delegated by the Board, the Committee is responsible for approving the remuneration policy of Anbang Capital Group and in doing so, takes into account the pay and conditions across the Group. This includes the terms of bonus plans, share plans, other long-term incentive plans and the individual remuneration packages of executive Directors and other senior Group employees, including all in positions of significant influence and those having an impact on Anbang Capital Group Investment’s risk profile, as no Directors are involved in deciding their own remuneration.

Corporate Sustainability Committee.

The Corporate Sustainability Committee is responsible for advising the Anbang Capital Group Board, committees of the Board and executive management on corporate sustainability policies, including environmental, social and ethical issues. At an operational level, implementation of these policies are managed primarily by Group Human Resources, Group Risk, Group Compliance and Group Corporate Sustainability.

Group Risk Committee.

The Committee has discussed the risk management recommendations of our Review. Following the Committee's recommendation of appropriate terms of reference, a separate Group Risk Committee was established by the Board on 6 February 1999 till date.

Funds Ownership Declaration.

In accordance with Articles two (2) through five (5) of the Due Diligence Convention and the Federal Banking Commission Circular of December 1998, concerning the prevention of money laundering, and Article 305 of the Swiss, European Union and Asian Criminal Codes, the following information may be supplied to the banks and/or other financial institutions for the purpose of verification of identity and activities of recipient of funds, and the nature and origin of the funds that are to be utilized, all parties have an obligation to respect professional secrecy and to take all appropriate precautions to protect the confidentiality of the information each holds in respect of the others’ activities, this legal obligation shall remain in full force and effect at all times.
1. That the outgoing funds of [amount of outgoing funds out of Manama-Bahrain in U.S. dollars as already converted into U.S.Dollars currency upon which final transfer sent to the paymaster/attorney, the managing attorney of financial transaction, with paymaster established at “the Malaysian Bank via Bahrain Central bank (BCB)” where funds was earlier domiciled, represents the transfer of funds that are to be transferred on your behalf and that are supposed to be clear, clean and of non-criminal origin, they are being sent to the attorney/paymaster to facilitate the on-going funds already at the bank’s holding facility in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, [Direct Payment Funding Facilitation transaction among lawful parties.
2. We must further declare in documentations through the banking Attorney, that said funds have been earned in the course of normal commercial businesses, investments and are of commercial origin and legally generated. We further warrant and attest under penalty of perjury, and/or criminal or civil action, that the information supplied in the documentations, and the funds and assets involved, are not in breach of the “Money Laundering Regulation/Accord of 1993,” howsoever interpreted and defined, whether within the host state of the transaction or internationally. The origin of funds is in compliance with Anti-Money-Laundering Policies as set forth by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) 6/01.
3. We will further declare that we have full and complete legal title and authority to commit, place or invest those funds as you so choose, decide or confirm, and that you have initiated any actions of your own free will, without any further solicitation or influence.
4. Funds are as a result of your business activities, these funds are to be declared good, clean and cleared funds that have been legitimately earned, and are of a non-criminal origin; the funds are free and clear of any liens or encumbrances and are immediately available for private business transactions at your sole discretion use in your country, as said funds had already arrived awaiting your arrival on schedule.
5. Again, “Second Party” (being represented by you) is to bear the full mandatory costs share of the expenses in amount to be set forth on the approved direct loan as may be determined on the approval letter as administrative fees, legal, tax deduction application fee (TDAF) form, notarization and other legal perfection of the entire documents in lieu of final execution of the contract agreements/MOU, term sheet, funds release order and subsequent disbursements of the funds needed for the project(s) into receivers’ or borrowers account designations in line with our Cooperative Agreements, hitherto, do please expunge the idea of deduction of such expenses from the principal direct loan amount that is yet to be processed and disbursed into borrower’s account.

Mandatory Documents Needed From Interested Clients.

Furthermore, we do evaluate the investment/projects through our field experts/agents and teams of engineers in line with appraisal and thorough evaluation of the projects to be funded, hence, below documents/information will be needed from you urgently to get started immediately without further wasting of time, hence, you are free to request for an individual Direct loan funding facilitation or elect to go for a Joint Venture (JV) partnership respectively.
1. Expression of Interest Letter or Letter of Intent (LOI).
2. Project feasibility study or analysis on the intending projects.
Once every each of the stated steps are completed and accordingly, be certain that, we will be set for the transfer of the entire funds into an account to be provided by you or make gradual transfers as may be contained on your IRREVOCABLE MASTER PAY ORDER (IMPO) to be received from you on how and when you will need the disbursement(s) to take place.
Our organization was established in 1972 as Kingdom of Bahrain’s locally owned Financial house, we have grown steadily to become one of the country's leading provider of retail and commercial financial services.With a major share of the total domestic commercial financial markets and the largest network of 26 outlets , we strongly play a key role in the local economy.
Anbang Capital Group and its global partners have continued to diversify and develop capabilities to capture business opportunities in the Gulf region and international markets. Our Abu Dhabi and Riyadh business partners and contacts are leading the way in these initiatives, market driven and customer led, the organization harnesses the latest technology to people skills, enabling our over 670 employees to deliver highly professional services for retail and corporate customers, financial institutions and government organizations.